dilluns, 5 de novembre de 2012

The Chestnuts and Halloween Party!

The Chestnuts and Halloween Party!

All Saints is a time to be with the family, if possible by the fire and telling stories, visit your death ones in the cemetery, and eating chestnuts, sweet potatoes and… Panellets!

On Wednesday 31st, we celebrated the traditional Chestnuts Party at school.  All Saint’s in Catalonia is a festivity that is far from the scary Anglo-Saxon Halloween. However, we made a personal party mixing Halloween and the Traditional Chestnuts party!!  we ate panellets,  chestnuts,  danced, sang and dressed up as SKELETOONS!

Although you can buy Panellets in all pastry shops and supermarkets these days, it’s fun to cook them, so  we made Panellets at school, It was easy and fun!

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